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Despite some criticism of the concept of the “Big Society”, LCP Ltd was pleased to be associated with the initiative and believe that they are a working example of the Big Society in action.   The work that Lyvennet Community Trust had been undertaking pre-dated the launching of the Big Society initiative by the Coalition government. However, the development of the affordable housing project, the proposed community pub, anaerobic digester and nursery provision were all seen as inspirational by the MP for Penrith and the Borders, Rory Stewart.  He therefore lobbied the government to include the area as one the Big Society pilot areas. There were originally four vanguard pilot areas, including the Eden Valley (comprising Upper Eden, Heart of Eden and the Lyvennet Valley), Liverpool, Sutton in south London and Windsor and Maidenhead in Berkshire.  

Launching the pilot areas, the Prime Minister, David Cameron MP, outlined plans to give targeted help to communities to overcome bureaucratic barriers and take greater responsibility for the decisions affecting them.  At the same event Rory Stewart MP paid tribute to the work of the team working to re-open the Butcher’s Arms and promised that the government would clear away paperwork and cut red-tape to make it easier for communities to pursue their objectives  This support from the highest quarters, together with the promise of both grant aid and the clearing away of bureaucratic obstacles and all the associated publicity that will accompany the Big Society pilots, without doubt helped to drive our project forward and create an atmosphere that attracted investment and other forms of support.  

In the summer of 2010 the Cabinet Minister for Charities, Social Enterprise and Voluntary organisations, Nick Hurd visited the Butchers Arms to discuss with the group plans for a community buy out of the Butcher’s Arms.

This initiative was therefore associated with a key plank of governement policy which, as the Cabinet Office website explains, is aimed at “shifting the culture from government action to local action”.

Picture – Front row from left – Caroline Spelman (Secretary of State, Environment, Food and Rural Affairs), Cameron Smith (LCP Treasurer / Director), Rory Stewart (MP Penrith and Borders) and Annie Kindleysides (Parish Councillor)

The Localism Bill further set out legislation that will, amongst other things:

Intoduce new powers to help communities save local facilities and services threatened with closure and give communities the right to take on the ownership or management of these services

Provide a range of measures  to encourage volunteering and involvement in social action

Support the creation and expansion of mutuals, co-operatives, charities and social enterprises

It is self evident that the  proposals outlined in the prospectus and business plan are in tune with these governement ambitions and the board of LCP Ltd have the support of their local MP and a direct line to government ministers and civil servents, all of whom are supportive and keen to see these plans succeed.

Picture – Front row from left – Caroline Spelman (Secretary of State, Environment, Food and Rural Affairs), Cameron Smith (LCP Treasurer / Director), Rory Stewart (MP Penrith and Borders) and Annie Kindleysides (Parish Councillor)

Our vain Treasurer wanted his crutches “photo touched” out – the outcome is a weird stance and some interesting hands !!!!

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