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Prospectus for Lyvennet Community Pub Ltd  

Shareholders‘  Prospectus

Prospectus – September 2014

After 3 successful years the original Prospectus has become outdated and was in need of  refreshment.

This new September 2014 Prospectus builds on the original community pub plans detailing some of the history of the last 3 years and provides financial projections for the current and next two full financial years.

The LCP has paid a 3% dividend to shareholders in 2013 and 2014.

Shares may be available!

We have a regular, mostly small, turnover of shares and are a result, constantly looking for new investors.

Prospectus for Lyvennet Community Pub Ltd  2014 cover

Prospectus – March 2011

The Prospectus set out the case for investing in the pub through the LCP Ltd and explained how the co-operative would raise the funds to purchase the Butcher’s Arms and how it would be accountable to its shareholders.  The shareholders of LCP Ltd would own the Butcher’s Arms pub (the ‘bricks and mortar’) and associated land.

A tenant was to be carefully selected and a lease drawn up covering the running of the licenced business.  Therefore LCP Ltd would not be responsible for the day to day running of the pub. The advantage of this arrangement for the Society was that the tenant carried all the business risk. The attraction for the tenant was that, once they had paid the rent to LCP Ltd, they would benefit directly the more profitable the business became.  Therefore they had every incentive to ensure that the business thrived and grew. The LCP Ltd intended to appoint an experienced licensee who had a track record of running profitable public house businesses.

If you are interested in becoming a shareholder please complete an investment form detailing your financial interest and forward to the secretary (the email and postal addresses can be found on the contacts page). Please note that by completing a membership form at this point you are not committing yourself to buy a share, simply lodging an interest.  

If shares are available the Secretary will contact you ,otherwise you will be entered on our waiting lists and will be contacted when shares become available.

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